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3 min readOct 18, 2020

Building a sustainable automation solution for all Nigerian primary and secondary schools opened our eyes to a lot of problems and relevant issues that have led to poor advancement in educational technology.

Internet and electricity were major factors affecting the rate of automation not in Nigeria alone but in most developing countries of the world.

We have successfully built a solution that is sustainable for our society- that works offline first and that does not need continuous power to work.

Most teachers in all schools, we found, have smartphones. This information led to our creation of the mobile application for data collection and for the learning.


Below are the three (3) unique apps from Schoola

The School Results Computer (SRC) comes with a sophisticated, user-friendly mobile application that lets the teacher record the raw scores of tests, assignments, and examinations from anywhere and using ZERO INTERNET DATA.

The Question Bank (QB) ensures standard, error-free questions set within minutes to a test or exam giving no room for malpractices and automate teacher marking.

Can be used as a CBT bank or Manual Question generator for printing.

The Learn app is an assignment, test, and practice solution from the biggest question bank with hundreds of thousands of verified questions.

The Mobile Application

To further serve teachers better, ease the user experience and sustainability, we have an android mobile application for the SRC that all subject teachers can use for the purpose of data collection.

The app works OFFLINE ensuring no costs on internet data and giving access to work from home.

This solves infrastructure problems: No computers needed

The Schoola Portal

This a general portal that lets all parent view prepared results from all terms on our dedicated portal at ZERO extra charges.

Dematerialisation: Paperless results

Features of all solutions

We are directly aiding teacher performance by reducing their tasks through automation.

How it works

The unique features of the Result Computer include;

a) CA Manager and Exam computation- that records raw scores

b) Class Broadsheet- Overview of general class performances

c) Automatic Grading System- as set by the school

d) Mobile App Ready- Offline access for recording from home

e) PDF ready (Data Back-up)

f) Works seamlessly online and offline

g) Customization of Results (to match current school format or the format of choice)

The unique features of the Question Bank include;

a) Ensures the creation of verified questions in the school bank

b) Allows schools to easily schedule assignments, tests, or examinations from banks.

c) Automated marking of assignments, tests, and examinations.

The unique features of the Learn Assessment Solution include;

a) Take tests and examination CBT style or using the mobile application

b) Practice quizzes from school private bank

c) Assignments from school

Ease of Deployment

We can deploy the Schoola solution to your school in less than 48 hours.

Data Migration

We help schools migrate data from manual or existing systems free of charge.