A gamified learning platform

IT Central
2 min readMar 16, 2021

Schoola is a platform that encourages primary and secondary school students to learn through gamification.

In this age of social media, these students tend to be highly distracted and thus blending learning with some fun social experiences will encourage students to learn.

The Schoola leaderboard has been a great motivator as students struggle to appear and remain on it.

This was introduced to get students to compete turning-up assignments and for reward to at least pay for data

Other learning mediums such as the tournaments and duels have also encouraged a lot of students to learn. While it may look like game to them, they are all learning passively and actively.

We have encouraging stories from schools using it and some students directly that prove to us that our solution does work. We have been using those feedbacks to create even better experiences for both the students and the teachers.

Now gamification in learning is not completely new, there are already platforms like ixl.com that provide great learning experience with curated content. What schoola is doing is simple, we are giving schools the best of both worlds, a gamified learning experience and full control of their content.

We understand every school is different, every school has its teaching style. Thus, as a platform Schoola is curriculum agnostic giving schools the power to create and share content with students in their own style while students learn in a fun way.

Schoola Founder: Nasiru Mustapha