Schoola is a platform that encourages primary and secondary school students to learn through gamification.

In this age of social media, these students tend to be highly distracted and thus blending learning with some fun social experiences will encourage students to learn.

The Schoola leaderboard has been a great motivator…

We have successfully created an academic automation solution for all the stakeholders in the student’s education. A report Compiler to ease computations and increase accuracy and an examiner for the creation and conducting tests and examination or any form of assessments.

  1. The SRC for the Teachers
  2. The QB for schools

Building a sustainable automation solution for all Nigerian primary and secondary schools opened our eyes to a lot of problems and relevant issues that have led to poor advancement in educational technology.

Internet and electricity were major factors affecting the rate of automation not in Nigeria alone but in most…

IT Central

#1 tech community for learning and executing IT projects in Kaduna.

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